Mariañes is a label founded on sustainable principles. The collection showcases exquisite natural textiles, including 100% organic cottons, linens and sustainably produced silk. All garments are hand-tailored in Bali, supporting local crafts people. 

Mariañes marries sustainability with style, using organically produced textiles, natural colorants and low impact dyes that are kind to the environment and create a uniquely sophisticated look and feel. Mariañes designs have a timeless, classic appeal based on simple, beautiful silhouettes, soft fabrics and an absolute insistence on comfort. Fluid, shifting shapes are created with every movement of your body. Room to move, room to breathe. 

Organic, sustainable, ethically tailored designs are the future of fashion. Our principle is simple: Respect the environment, revive thoughtful manufacturing and reward our customers with clothes to be treasured for years to come.  


Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton are made of certified organic non-GMO cotton cultivated without chemical pesticides or herbicides. Each step of the process has been audited to ensure the integrity of the textile.

Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk comes from silkworms sustained by mulberry trees, which require very few pesticides or fertilisers to thrive and are often grown organically, requiring less water than cotton. The silk itself is high quality, delicate and hypoallergenic and is fully biodegradable.


Linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics in the world. Derived from flax fibres, it is strong, naturally moth resistant and has a classic look and feel.

Natural Dye

Our natural dyes are made from plants; indigo, mango leaves, catalpa, sappanwood and mahogany. The water used to dye is cleaned via a garden system allowing it to return back to its natural form.

Ikat & Songket

Our accessories feature handmade ikat & songket designs, crafted by local artisans using centuries old techniques. These ikat designs can take two weeks to a year to weave and are naturally plant dyed.